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 Worried about the risks, costs and inefficiencies 

connected to managing your information? 

Records and Information management can help you protect your information, harness its value and stay compliant. We can help you take steps toward intelligent document storage, enforceable records’ retention policies and secure access to electronic information.

We work with Iron Mountain to deliver complete offsite records and information management as well as digital scanning solutions. Their secure and compliant facilities across the UK help us do even more for our customers.

Moving your records offsite can unlock benefits for your organisation, including: 

Scalable space for your archives, so you never have to face the constraints of investing in more space to store your records. 

A flexible and comprehensive document management system that lets you see information about your inventory at the click of a mouse 

Purpose-built facilities to preserve and protect your records, including dry, aerated environments and sophisticated security systems 


From pure document storage to comprehensive, compliance-based records management programmes, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.


Smart solutions for anytime access to your vital business information, preparing for disasters and unexpected failures, managing costs of protecting increasing data.


Access tape backup data when you need it with our Restoration Assurance Programme - identify, restore and protect your data quickly and easily.


Comprehensive lifecycle management and digital imaging, including customised healthcare solutions and fast, reliable access to your most critical business documents.

   IM ConnectTM, Iron Mountain’s online portal for Records Management, removes the burden of managing your records with spreadsheets and other manual systems. As a central portal for all users, it provides one place where information and logs relating to your records are kept. This means that as staff come and go, you won’t lose information on where the records are, who’s accessed them or when they’re due for destruction. 

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