Welcome to the new face of Cookie.

We’ve had a bit of a change!

Hi, if you are looking for Cookie | Print Studio, you are in the right place! We have recently merged into our sister business Melbourne Print.

If you have been a Cookie customer for some time don’t panic. We can still produce all of your orders as before; all of the invoicing, proofs, paper stocks, finishes and printing are still done with the same kit in the same print hub in South Derbyshire – but now under the name of Melbourne Print.

What does this mean for you?

We’re still here to help.

  • We now have a bigger team which means that quotes and shipments will be quicker.
  • We now have the option to help with artwork if needed.
  • We are VAT registered which helps lower costs.
  • You’re still working with a small independent business.
  • You’re working with a printer actively sourcing more sustainable and recyclable materials and products.
  • More flexibility is available for custom sizes, and bespoke print runs.

What are the changes for you?

Not a lot, apart from our contact details.

The old Cookie number is now replaced with 01332 864 990.

The new email address is info@melbourneprint.co.uk, or if you would prefer to still work with Rob, his email is rob@melbourneprint.co.uk

Thank you for your support since Cookie launched in 2018; it’s been a great few years meeting new clients. The merger with Melbourne Print opens up a wide range of new opportunities. All aimed at making print more personal and helping to grow your business with print.

Why choose to
work with us?

We pride ourselves on the fact we can provide a complete service, from a printed flyer, a website and we’ll even make your morning coffee when you visit.

For projects that involves any signage and exhibitions displays we understand the importance of product when you are promoting your business – it needs to look the part! Our team of experts not only have great experience with all of our ranges but also will be able to point you in the direct of the right product to truly meet your needs. Please don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions!
Friendly Team
High Quality Print
Design Service
Installation Available