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Our retail store is back open Monday 15th June 2020

To keep us all as safe as possible, we’ve made some changes – please read;

  1. The shop will be open 10am – 4pm Mon – Fri (so we have extra time to clean and organise.)
  2. We’ve re-arranged the shop (to maximise working room)
  3. Just 2 customers at a time in the shop please (so everyone has plenty of space)
  4. If you can see that we’re serving at the counter when you arrive, please wait outside until the counter is free before entering (the counter has moved closer to the door)
  5. Please sanitise your hands on entry (sanitiser is provided right by the shop door, you’re very welcome to use ours)
  6. Please note that we cannot now print from memory sticks or other physical devices, please email us or use services such as Wetransfer to send us files.

Email info@melbourneprint.co.uk – we’re here to help.

If you’d prefer to shop virtually
School uniform, the full range of Dandelion Stationery greetings cards and a comprehensive selection of stationery items from the shop, can all be purchased on our stationery website; stationerystudio.co.uk. Local collection or delivery is available.

We hope these changes give you confidence that, whilst we’re striving to get back to business as usual, we want to keep you (and us) safe and well. We look forward to seeing and/or speaking with you soon.

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Meet our team

We pride ourselves on the fact we can provide a complete service, from a printed flyer, a website and we’ll even make your morning coffee when you visit. These are the people in the shop, on the end of the phone or in the background. Get to know them!

Paul Wilson

Director/Handy Man

Paul’s in charge. You’ll find him with a tool in hand (or the screwfix catalogue) fixing, breaking or building something for us or Dandelion Stationery.

Unique skill: Technology. Paul really knows his instabook from his Facegram, got a question about social media – ask away!


Harry Robinson

Studio Manager

Harry runs the show, keeps everyone in check and knows his way round the production press. If you’ve got an issue, he’s your man. He’s a master at winding Sam up as well!

Unique skill: Aside from the beard growth, Harry’s pretty good at keeping an eye on his smart meter!

Pete Wilkins

Finance Guy

Pete looks after the books, chases overdue accounts and always supplies the doughnuts – even though he’s diabetic. He’s also got a pack of King Charles Cavaliers! Loves a good red and fine dining.

Unique skill: Would win come dine with me, hands down.

Lucy Ormsby

Retail/Online Guru

Lucy runs the retail shop, our online shop and keeps Sam and Harry under control when the nerf guns come out! If you’ve been in to our retail store you’ll have met Lucy, she’s always there to help and of course comes up with all our fantastic window displays!

Unique skill: Lucy has a taste for spam. Seriously, there isnt a receipe she hasnt tried where spam is involved. 

Sam Merrison

Mr Clumsy

Sam can be a bit clumsy, falling over a box that’s been there for 6 months, knocking over a fresh coffee or spilling food on Harrys keyboard! Sam deals with all your print needs, chances are if you’ve had something printed by MP Sam’s done it (apologies if theres split coffee on it). 

Unique skill: Sam’s stupidly long arms can reach the highest shelves!

Sarah Collins

Retail Whizz

Sarah is pretty new so you might not have met her yet, but she’s already picked things up and deals with the day to day printing for our customers and any queries you might have. Feel free to test her next time you pop in! She’s a Crystal Palace fan, so go easy on her.

Unique skill: Smiling, Sarah’s always wearing one, even in the face of adversity. 

How can we help you?

Whatever your question, big or small let us know and one of the team will get back to you. 

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