Planting Trees to Catch Carbon

Aug 2, 2022

Woodland is vital in so many ways, but particularly in absorbing carbon dioxide, second only to the world’s  oceans.

A new native woodland can capture 300-400 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per hectare by year 50. By year 100, it can capture 400-600 CO2 equivalent per hectare.

There is of course, more work for us all to do,  but we’re delighted to be part of our paper suppliers Carbon Capture scheme in support of the Woodland Trust, the leading UK woodland conservation charity (charity no. 294344 /SCO38885).

The Woodland Trust protects and develops natural woodland throughout the UK, managing over 1,000 free-to-visit woodland sites across the UK.

100% of the money raised goes to the Woodland Trust to plant more native woodland here in the UK, which has just 13% woodland cover compared to the European average of 37%.

Here’s our latest Carbon Capture certificate:

Catch Carbon